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De pata de perroJanuary 18, 2019 - Friday  
About us

We are dreamers with a mission and ĞDe Pata de Perroğ is our vehicle.

Those that build this site, are a professionals couple with superior studies in the TEC of Monterrey and as technical designer, together we have a working experience of more than 25 years in national companies with world projection and with experience like independent business persons for 8 years.

We are using the tools that we know well: the programming in computer that has been a continuous challenge to overcome since 1982, along, the software that is required to support our design and creativity, all together with the investigation and analysis that we have developed about tourism, added to the legacy that our parents have left us, of looking out to find the best in each moment and of each trip. Also, the experience that we have gathered as we fell and got up; as we achieved concrete objectives when adding our will. To finally come to forge this site on the Internet that can offer the user, the tourist information, that he needs to plan his trip in the moment and in the form that better suits him.

Mexico is filled with magic places and we are a hospitable country that can offer different flavors, contrasts and tones fore those who dare to travel here.

We venture to make our dreams come true, and to share with the world, the magic of when traveling you get to know, and then, helplessly to fall in love.

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