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A magic town surrounded with volcanoes, mountains and pine trees, change its destiny on February 1943 when the landman Dionisio Pulido noticed that a hole opened on his land. the Paricutín volcano was born

Angahuan: Temple covered by lava
Temple covered by lava
Features of Angahuan

Handcrafts: Textile handcrafts the woman make

Camping: In this place you can find a tourist camping with cabins and a coffee shop that has been remodeled

Excursionism: Horse excursions to the ruins of the San Juan Parangaricutiro church and to the volcano the 365 days a year

Festivities: April-March during the holly week with offerings with corn of different colors and fruits from the regions; Processions filled of songs and prays on July 25: Santiago Apostle protector's celebration, artcrafts expositions, Bands, music, fireworks, etc.

Museums: The graphic museum of the Paricutín volcano

Interesting place: Whomever visits Angangueo, can't miss a guided trip to the Paricutín volcano and to the ruins of the Parangaricutiro church that is half covered by the lava where it's high bell tower seems like emerging from the rocks

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Albergue Turístico Angahuan
Adress :known adress in Angahuan Tel: 38527
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