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De pata de perroJanuary 18, 2019 - Friday  
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"The land of the boy king"

Charo: Religious paintings detail
Religious paintings detail
Features of Charo

Colonial architecture: Stands out an Agustin convent from 1550 in which construction purepechas and matlatzincas artists contributed and made out of it a pride. It has an architectonic style (plateresco) and renacentist influence in the arcs

Sceneries: One of the main sites is the woodland scene Mil Cumbres, actually named National Park José María Morelos, that is only 23 km away the capital city of the state

Paintings and murals: The Agustin convent has several paintings with religious themes made by a native author

Interesting place: It was here where the priest Basalenque wrote part of the San Nicolás Tolentino Michoacan province history, as well as the Tarascan grammar and the art of the matlazinca language

Historical site: It was here where the priest Hidalgo gave the colonel rank to Morelos, commanding him the insurrection in the south of the New Spain

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