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 Ciudad Hidalgo
The ancient Taximaroa "place of borders" in the prehispanic times this city was scenery of bloody battles between the Aztecs and the purepechas, this last ones always were victorious

Ciudad Hidalgo: Monolithic cross with obsidian glass
Monolithic cross with obsidian glass
Features of Ciudad Hidalgo

Colonial architecture: It has some temples like one of the XVI century that has a monolithic cross with obsidian mirror and an original baptism pond as well as other interesting buildings

Spa: The Erendira spa good for camping or to stay in nice cabins with all the services, large pools and games

Caves: The cave Las Grutas 8 km away.

Hospital: Premier HospitalTel. 154 4229 / 154 4270 / Fátima Medical Center Tel. 154 2550 / Sanatorio de la Luz Tel. 154 1623.

Lakes and Waterfalls: Pucuato dam a nice place for camping and fishing the rainbow trout fish, specially during spring

Natural parks: National park Los Azufres one of the most beautiful places in the estate, surrounded by pine trees and fir trees that are a gorgeous frame to springs of thermal waters well known for their therapeutic qualities as well a natural lakes

Archaeology: The archeological zone of San Matías Tehotihuacan near the village with the same name where there can still be found atrial crosses and a church from the XVII century

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Hotel Central
  3 estrellas3 estrellas3 estrellas
Adress : Abasolo No. 12 col. Centro Tel: 786 40255
Hotel Diplomático
  3 estrellas3 estrellas3 estrellas
Adress : Lerdo de Tejada No. 77 col. Centro Tel: 786 40628
Hotel Ojo de Agua
  3 estrellas3 estrellas3 estrellas
Adress :Carretera México Guadalajara km 213.7 col. Las Fuentes Tel: 786 41991
Hotel Romo
  3 estrellas3 estrellas3 estrellas
Adress : Abasolo No. 41 col. Centro Tel: 786 40650
Hotel Alameda
  2 estrellas2 estrellas
Adress :Av. Morelos Ote. No. 37 col. Centro Tel: 786 40723
Hotel Cazadores
  2 estrellas2 estrellas
Adress :Carretera San Pedro-Los Azufres km 2. Tel: 46985
Hotel La Morenita
  1 estrellas
Adress :Juárez . No. 60 col. Centro Tel: 786 40079
Hotel Pacífico
  1 estrellas
Adress :Privada Zaragoza No.3 col. Centro Tel: 786 40585
Hotel San Carlos
  1 estrellas
Adress :Cuahutemoc Sur. No. 22 col. Centro Tel: 786 41219
Hotel Susy
  1 estrellas
Adress :Morelos Ponienete No.1 col. Centro Tel:786 40066
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