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 Janitzio Island
This is the main island of the five you can find in the Patzcuaro lake, where you land after half hour on board the barge that depart from this place's pier

Janitzio Island: The traditional butterfly nets
The traditional butterfly nets
Features of Janitzio Island


Festivities: The holly week carnival and the death's day festivities, this last one is an spectacle internationally famous for it's evening in the cemetery with folklore dances like the old men dance, the fish dance and the butterfly dance

Gastronomy: You'll find typical food with a great taste

Islands: Janitzio Island

Monuments: On the top of the island there is an enormous Morelos' statue (40m high) you can climb up inside the statue to It's right first

Paintings and murals: Inside the Morelos' statue there are several paintings of the artist Ramón Alba de la Canal

Interesting place: The typical houses in the Janitzio Island, in the low steps along the hillside is like a painting with the fishermen nets drying to the sun

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