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 Lázaro Cárdenas
This city will take you to the encounter with the exotic vegetation and the sea's rumor It gained it's importance because of the creation of the iron and steel industry Lázaro Cárdenas-Las Truchas, located by the seaport with the same name
Features of Lázaro Cárdenas


Civil Architecture: The city hall on the main avenue built in a seashore style. The Pérgola, a plaza on the oldest part of the city is a meeting spot of the people on Sundays and festivals where in the middle you can find the pergola, the regional version of the bandstand.

Mail: The mail and the telegraph main office is located within the town council square, on the Lázaro Cárdenas Ave.

Water Sports: Not far from the city you can practice scuba diving and snorkel in Caleta de Campos, aquatic skiing on the la villita dam, and surfing on the nexpa beach.

Festivities: On March the city celebrates a fair and an Agricultural, Cattle and Industrial exposition. On November an Industrial exposition.

Gastronomy: You will be delighted with a great variety of seafood dishes, specially a regional golden fish, with the distinguish touch of the Mexican cuisine.


Tourist Information: A tourist information office is on the Nicolás Bravo street, behind the Plaza Zirahuén.

Lakes and Waterfalls: Balsas river, where the nautical marathon is celebrated annually

Monuments: The monument to the miner on the entrance of the city evokes the importance of the steel industry in the region. And the monument to Lázaro Cárdenas at the towns council square.

Sailing: The harbor area integrated with the mineral and metal dock it's a very important site for import and export. And the fishermen dock where you can find the best sea products at a very good deal.

Sports fishing: You will find a memorable time going after the swordfish.

Beaches: You will find a tropical paradise on the nearest beaches Azul-Eréndira and Jardín where you can also enjoy the most delicious dishes from the coast under the shade of umbrella.

Interesting place: The jetty offers great late afternoon views Not so far you can find the José Maria Morelos dam that irrigates the lands of Michoacán and Guerrero, and feeds the hydroelectric La Villita, it's curtain its used as a bridge to communicate this two states

Transportation: The bus station on the main avenue Lázaro Cárdenas-

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Hotel Casa Blanca
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Adress :Nicolás Bravo No 475, col. Centro Tel: 753 73480
Hotel De la Curva
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Adress :Nicolás Bravo No 235, col. Centro Tel: 753 73659
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Adress :Corregidora No.78, col. Centro Tel: 753 20620
Hotel Viña del Mar
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Adress :Javier Mina No.352, col. Centro Tel: 753 20415
Hotel Zirahuen
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Adress :Av. Constitución de 1917 No. 167, col. Centro Tel: 753 24130
Hotel Internacional
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Adress :Mariano Matamoros No.508, Tel: 753 20913
Hotel Plaza
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Adress :Morelos No.148, Tel: 753 20318
Hotel Sol Princess
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Adress :Javier Mina No.299, col. Centro Tel: 753 20572
Hotel Verónica
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Adress :Javier Mina No.47, col. Centro Tel: 753 23409
Hotel Villa Galeana
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Adress :Av. Lázaro Cárdenas No 55 Int 1, col. Centro Tel: 753 23186
Hotel Capri
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Adress :5 de Mayo No. 234, col. Centro Tel: 753 20551
Hotel Costa Azul
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Adress :5 de Mayo No. 276, col. Centro Tel: 753 20780
Hotel Costa de Marfil
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Adress :Lerdo de Tejada No. 605, col. Centro Tel: 753 20476
Hotel El Edén
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Adress :Av. Francisco I Madero No.160, col. Centro Tel: 753 20958
Hotel Uruapan
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Hotel Valle Dorado
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Adress :Guillermo Prieto No.140, col. Centro Tel: 753 21415
Hotel ZicuiranchaAdress :Ignacio Comonfort No. 481, col. Centro Tel: 753 20205
Motel MarbellaAdress :Carretera Lázaro Cárdenas-La Orilla Tel: 753 75100
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