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Its name means "precious place" during the colonial times it was an obliged pass to Morelia and Guanajuato, surrounded by an immense valley in which the Lerma river runs, this town was founded in 1540 by the viceroy Antonio de Mendoza

Maravatio: Morelos theater interior
Morelos theater interior
Features of Maravatio

Colonial architecture: In baroque style you can find the San Juan Bautista parochial temple from the XVI century as well as the "purisima concepción" chapel with a mudejar architectonic style, and the one named The lord of the column (El señor de la columna)

Civil Architecture: It keeps beautiful buildings such as the white house hacienda with its springs of water El baño and la Presa (the bath and the dam); The Pomoca where Melchor Ocampo lived

Handcrafts: Here the "loza de Cambray" is made


Festivities: The day of Saint John on June 24 with processions and regional dances like the roses dance, the Aztecs dance, and the Apaches dance

Gastronomy: You'll find delicious dishes like el buche, pork meat, las corundas, the farm cheese, the barbecue, el menudo, and atole con buñuelos that you really should try

Hospital: Clinica San Martín: Tel. 478 22376 / Red cross Tel. 478 2413.

Historical site: The Pomaca farmstead where Melchor Ocampo lived


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Hotel Camino del Sol
  2 estrellas2 estrellas
Adress :Libración Sur No. 107 Tel: 447 82307
Hotel Hernández
  2 estrellas2 estrellas
Adress :Libración Sur No. 229 Tel: 447 81331
Hotel Ocampo
  2 estrellas2 estrellas
Adress :Portal 5 de Mayo No. 46 Tel: 447 82174
Hotel Velser
  2 estrellas2 estrellas
Adress :Km. 1.5 carretera Maravatío-Acámbaro, Tel:447 82128
Posada San Agustín
  2 estrellas2 estrellas
Adress :Plazuela Ocampo No. 9-J, col. Centro Tel: 447 82250
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