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De pata de perroJanuary 18, 2019 - Friday  
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It is another of the beautiful coastal spots in this place, by the river's mouth with the same name, it counts with extraordinary rock forms, sea caves and cliffs between the beautiful beaches

Maruata: Beach panoramic view
Beach panoramic view
Features of Maruata

Airport: It counts with a landing path for medium and small planes it is 1,200 Mt. long and 30 Mt. wide

Camping: There is a place where you can camp or rent rustic cabins

Gastronomy: The gastronomy is exquisite.

Lakes and Waterfalls: In front of a large plain there is a lagoon with two little creeks like arms, and a little ahead another one and the mouth of Motin del Oro river.

Swimming: .

Sceneries: Palm trees frame this bay as well as cliffs with capricious forms, with tops called Piedras Blancas, and a wide beach with clear sand

Beaches: Beautiful coastal view that is by the mouth's river the Maruata, and between its charms a long beach of white sand

Interesting place: This is an important beach where the black turtle comes to reproduce, and each year other species are set free to the sea.

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