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De pata de perroJanuary 18, 2019 - Friday  
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In the Purepecha language it means "place of hot springs" this village has developed and rebuild itself after, in the second decade of the XXth century was almost abandoned.

Puruándiro: Main plaza
Main plaza
Features of Puruándiro

Colonial architecture: Although the buildings are not especially old, they keep a deep traditional devotion, like The Temple of "la higuerita", The Temple of the cave, and the Temple of the lord of the health

Spa: Near by you can find different spas where you can spend some time with the family as enjoying the thermal waters.


Festivities: It's a place where you can really enjoy the folklore of the festivities. Don't miss on May 25th the traditional parade of the "mojigangas", some type of large dolls that are carried over the shoulders while dancing.

Gastronomy: All year long you can enjoy the traditional "buñuelos" with "atole" (that is a kind of fried bread and a drink made of corn) You can find kitchens with traditional meals, and can't miss the bread and the ice cream.

Hospital: Sanatorio Los Angeles Tel. 383 1033



Interesting place: We recommend visiting the old ex-hacienda of San Antonio Carano and Villachuato village.

Transportation: You can find urban buses to go to Morelia and Huandacareo, and you can find public folkloric transport to the other villages in the area.

Art: The crucify image of Christ in the "Parroquia del señor de la Salud", natural sized, brought from Spain, with it's classical reclined head on his chest, with an expression of pain.

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Hotel ImperialDirección : Manuel Villalongín No. 281. Tel: (438) 30700
Hotel Loma LindaDirección : Prolongación Emilio Carranza No. 961. Tel: (438) 30410
PalacioDirección : Riva Palacio No. 146. Centro Tel: (438)30388
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El PescaditoDirección :Carretera Puruandiro-Morelia s/n.
Mexico LindoDirección :Av. Morelos No. 50 col. Centro Tel: (438) 31483
Restaurant Loma LindaDirección : Prolongación Emiliano Carranza s/n. Tel: (438)58502
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