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 Santa Clara del Cobre
Also called the Escalante village

Santa Clara del Cobre: Typical copper handcrafts
Typical copper handcrafts
Features of Santa Clara del Cobre

Handcrafts: On these days the villagers have kept their goldsmiths fame and their production of all kind of pans, plates, cups and other copper utensils that have a great demand

Lakes and Waterfalls: The Zirahuén Lake this word means "the gods mirror" of "smoky place"

Interesting place: This place was chosen by the famous Michoacan's writer José Rubén Romero like scenery for his well-known novel "La vida inútil del pícaro Pito Perez" ("The useless life of the roguish Pito Pérez")

Historical site: Vasco de Quiroga fomented the industry among the Indians and they established in Santa Clara a big foundry that one day got on fire and destroyed almost all the town by the end of the XVIII century

Archaeology: Before the conquest the tarascans used the copper to make rattles, masks, chest protectors and other objects

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Hotel Camino Real de Santa Clara
  3 estrellas3 estrellas3 estrellas
Adress : Morelos Poniente No. 213 Tel: 354 30281
Hotel El Oasis
  2 estrellas2 estrellas
Adress :Portal Allende No. 141 Tel:354 30040
Hotel Real del Cobre
  2 estrellas2 estrellas
Adress :Portal Hidalgo No.19 Tel:354 30060
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