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Its an important mine zone that produces gold, silver, copper and lead

Tlalpujahua: Barroque Church, XVIII century
Barroque Church, XVIII century
Features of Tlalpujahua

Colonial architecture:

Handcrafts: The craftsmen in this place work with the saddle work, pottery the straw and the traditional Christmas decorations and other pieces in blown glass and the magnificent almost extinguished feather artwork

Festivities: On march 19 a fair in Saint Joseph's honor; on July 16 the day of the virgin del Carmen with a popular night festival (verbena) with dances; and the agricultural, commercial and handcrafts fair on November 2nd

Gastronomy: Like the typical and regional dishes are the "mole" the "pozole" (exquisite prehispanic stews) and the traditional preserved fruits

Lakes and Waterfalls: The Masatetes dam neat the village

Museums: The miner and history museum

Natural parks: The national park Hermanos Rayón placed on the rooster hill

Historical site: There is a commemorative monument that tell us it was here where the insurgent Ignacio López Rayón was born

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Hotel Estancia Campestre
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Adress : Carretera Tlalpujahua km 33 Tel: 711 50342
Hotel Los Arcos
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Adress : Barrio de Trigueros s/n, col. Centro Tel: 711 80350
Hotel Mineral
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Adress : Libertad No. 47, col. Centro Tel: 711 80197
Posada San Jorge
  2 estrellas2 estrellas
Adress : Callejón del Refugio No. 43, col. Centro Tel: 711 80394
Hotel San Carlos
  1 estrellas
Adress :Ocampo No. 11, col. Centro Tel: 80150
Posada del Carmen
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Adress :Galeana No. 46, col. Centro Tel: 711 80092
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