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This name is translated as "the rocky place" It's seated in the slope of the Nahuatzen mountains and forms part of the volcanic line, this place used to be a swamp

Zacapu: La Zarcita
La Zarcita
Features of Zacapu

Colonial architecture: You can find an interesting Franciscan convent from the XVI century with a front with a silversmith architectonic style (plateresco) the cloister has some wood and stone (cantera) columns

Spa: You can also find various springs of thermal waters and the well known spa like Los Cipreses, with tourist installations and

Excursionism: The Cerro del Tecolote, a majestic mountain located southwest of Zacapu, offers the visitor nice natural scenery.

Festivities: Naranja de Tapia, a Purepechan community, celebrates its traditional "Fiesta de la Ollita" on the Easter wednesday. In its temple you can find paintings with indian influence.

Hospital: Red cross Tel. 363 0032

Lakes and Waterfalls: Zacapu Lagoon, with an extension of 32 ha, rich in unique species like the white fish and the achoque.


Natural parks: The Angostura Park, exciting place located west of the lagoon where you can find crystal clear streams.

Sports fishing: In the Zacapu lagoon you can practice the sailing as a sport and enjoy the fishing you can have a good time catching gold fish, trout and catfish

Interesting place: The Crucita; old ceremonial center where the Purepechan and its king Caltzontzin offered to their gods and where later the franciscan friars put a big wooden cross.

Historical site: At Tarejero, Purepechan location of great historical importance. It has four forts, that supported the defense of this community.

Archaeology: In the outskirts is worth visiting an archeological zone with purepecha's culture vestiges

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