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Founded by the viceroys' will in 1574. Its official name Zamora de Hidalgo in honor of the independence leader, its weather is moderate being an excellent agricultural region standing out the strawberry among its products

Zamora: The Unfinished Cathedral
The Unfinished Cathedral
Features of Zamora

Colonial architecture: The unfinished gothic style cathedral; the beautiful neoclassic church del Calvario; the San Francisco temple the first one of the city dated from 1791, in was burn and the front part rebuild except for the tower.

Civil Architecture: The library Fray Manuel de Navarrete; the federal Palace also known as the Episcopal palace with a neoclassic style where you should see the stairs and the stained-glass windows as well as other buildings with a historic tale

Handcrafts: The main craftsmanship are the mufflers and shawls, jewelry, pottery, and leather sandals

Festivities: During the holly week there is a parade with floats representing religious themes. A joyful fair on the Thursday of corpus Christi, and on December 12 the day of Virgin de Guadalupe, the virgin of the Mexicans

Gastronomy: The well-known zamoran dishes are so delicious as the stoved chicken delightfully condimented, saucers made of potatoes and the famous chongos among other milk made candies

Paintings and murals: In the interior of the Franciscan temple, the paintings by Luis G. Jasso narrating the birth of Jesus.

Interesting place: The "el teco" ward a beautiful ensemble where the people gather in the gardens near the "el Calvario"

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Hotel Jericó
  4 estrellas4 estrellas4 estrellas4 estrellas
Adress :Km. 3 Carr. Zamora-La Barca
Tel. (351)712-12, 704-02
Fax. (351)701-42
Motel del Real
  4 estrellas4 estrellas4 estrellas4 estrellas
Adress :Km. 3 Carr. Zamora-La Barca km 4.5
Tel. (351 73260
Hotel Fénix
  3 estrellas3 estrellas3 estrellas
Adress :Madero Sur No 401 col. Centro
Tel. 351 20362
Hotel Ram-Val
  3 estrellas3 estrellas3 estrellas
Adress :Amado Nervo Poniente No 40 col. Centro
Tel. 351 20288
Hotel Alameda
  2 estrellas2 estrellas
Adress :Corregidora Oriente No. 88 col. Centro
Tel. 351 20722
Hotel Nacional
  2 estrellas2 estrellas
Adress :Corregidora Oriente No. 164 col. Centro
Tel. 351 20224
Nuevo Hotel Amalia
  2 estrellas2 estrellas
Adress :Hidalgo Sur No. 194 col. Centro
Tel. 351 21327
Hotel 5 de Mayo
  1 estrellas
Adress :5 de Mayo No.352, col. Centro
Tel. 351 21402
Hotel Jazmin
  1 estrellas
Adress :Carretera Zamora-Morelia km1
Tel. 351 20915
Posada Fénix
  1 estrellas
Adress :Corregidora No. 54, col. Centro
Tel. 351 51265
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