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De pata de perroSeptember 30, 2022 - Friday  

Why don't you have more services information (Hotels, restaurants, etc)?

Those of us that make this site would like to offer you, our visitors, the most complete information so that you can plan your vacations in Mexico, but you'll surely understand that in order to create this whole project it is required, among other things, money.

But it's said that it doesn't exist such thing as a «free meal» so, in order for this information to get freely to you, somebody has to finance it, but until this moment, the whole investment that has been made in this site has come from two sources: A couple of service providers that have supported us almost from the beginning and our own pockets.

From the rest of the providers we have received no support at all, so we're sure you'll understand that, until further notice, it's impossible for us to include more information about any of them.

Why do you only have information about Michoacán?

Those of you that have read the«About us»section would have read that, until this moment, we are a team of two who develop and maintain this project. And if you've read the previous answer, it's little what you can do without an appropriate support.

Our long term project is to include information for all the states of México but, since until today the project is not self-sufficient, we cannot dedicate full time. However, be sure that while we can continue, this place will keep growing, slow or quick, but constant.

By the way, there has been those who say that we promote ourselves as if we had all the information of Mexico at the moment, but that is false: If you could find us through a search engine, you should have used keywords related to Michoacán. If you try to locate us with keywords not related to Michoacán, you won't be able to find us. We don't have any intention of deceiving anybody, because this has been and will be more a work of love to Mexico than a business.

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