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De pata de perroDecember 4, 2021 - Saturday  
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"place of large earthen jar"
Features of Cuitzeo

Colonial architecture: An Augustinian convent with a plateresc style (an architectonic style that imitates the work of the silversmiths) this is one of the most important temples in Michoacán by fray Diego de Chávez (s.XVI).

Lakes and Waterfalls: The Cuitzeo lake is very low, it has seven islands and a highway four kilometers long that crosses the lake, in the salted waters you can find a lot of "charal" (a small fish) main ingredient in many regional dishes, you also find docks and herons

Paintings and murals: In the towns church you can find different interesting pictures made by the Indians of this region

Interesting place: The church has an organ from the XVIII century

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