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De pata de perroJune 6, 2023 - Tuesday  
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 Santa Fe de la Laguna
In this small village, the once called "Tata Vasco" fouded the first "hopital" that in reality was a communal center created to protect the poor Indians and teach them different occupations and handcrafts.

Santa Fe de la Laguna: Lorraine cross outside saint Nicolas temple
Lorraine cross outside saint Nicolas temple
Features of Santa Fe de la Laguna

Colonial architecture: San Nicolás temple with a great court yard cross, which presents in relief the passion of Christ. Here are also kept some objects that were from the first Michoacan Bishop Don Vasco de Quiroga

Civil Architecture: This site has the remains of the first "Hospital" founded in this land around the XVI century by Vasco de Quiroga. Is a large building with a double roof.

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