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 Tacámbaro de Codallos
This place's name means "palm trees site" and it's a place with an extraordinary natural beauty

Tacámbaro de Codallos: Tacambaro's plaza
Tacambaro's plaza
Features of Tacámbaro de Codallos

Colonial architecture:







Lakes and Waterfalls: The lagoon called the pool ("La Alberca") with emerald like water that cover a crater with 370m in diameter, you can also find the Salto del Arrollo Frío (a beautiful waterfall, with pools and bathrooms); the Caracho waterfall and the Magdalena lagoon

Sceneries: In the belvedere Cerro Hueco a spot 1620m over the sea level you can enjoy the "hot land" view and breath clean air perfumed with the pine trees

Sports fishing: In the lagoon The Pool you can enjoy a fishing trip or just a camping day

Interesting place: In this city Manuel Muñiz manufactured cannon balls and arms for the insurgent army and so, the city became the main arsenal as the José María Morelos documents stand.

Historical site:

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Mansion del Molino
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Adress :Morelos No 450 Tel: 459 60007
Hotel del Bosque
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Adress : General Francisco J. Mújica No. 146 Tel: 459 60164
Hotel Presidente
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Adress : Dr. Leo Eloeses No. 175 Tel: 459 60676
Hotel Posada MorelosAdress : Portal Miguel Silva No. 34 Tel: 459 60671
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