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De pata de perroDecember 2, 2023 - Saturday  
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It means "place of humming bird"

Tzintzuntzan: Night of the dead at Tzintzuntzan
Night of the dead at Tzintzuntzan
Features of Tzintzuntzan

Colonial architecture: Vasco de Quiroga arrived to this place in 1533 and established the first bishop seat in Michoacán; the Franciscan convent of Santa Ana with an open chapel and a plateresc front (an architectonic style that simulates the silver work)

Handcrafts: The craftsmen in this place con offer you figures made of straw as well as vessels, cans and jars with shape of births made of clay

Festivities: The most important festivity is the deaths' day with the wake over and the offering in the cemetery the days 1st and 2nd of November, and the holly week with biblical representations the procession of Christ

Paintings and murals: The bishop seat has interesting popular paintings and various murals

Historical site: In the prehispanic times it was the capital city for the purepechas

Archaeology: To the east you can find the famous archeological site called "Las Yacatas" the Yacata is a special construction in which they build on the top the temple for Curicaveri god of the sun-fire

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